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The Killing of Monday Brown

(2. Band)
englisches TB
ISBN 0-553-56969-4

Monday Brown is missing, presumed dead, assumed murdered. Brown, a white man who lived on the reservation with his Indian wife, was a perfect candidate for killing: lousy husband, cutthroat businessman, desecrater of Native American graves.
And Matthew Wolf makes a perfect suspect: a young Crow traditionalist who'd had a very public, very nasty run-in with Brown.
When the Wolf family hires Phoebe Siegel to clear Matthew's name, they hand her two priceless artifacts uncovered in his car. They're part of a stash Monday Brown bragged about, a magnet for rich foreign collectors, tribal traditionalists... and a killer who won't hesi tate to kill again.
Phoebe's dangerous trail will start with the corpse on an Indian hanging dead in her own backyard and lead into the most sacred mysteries of the Crow culture and to secrets buried under the Big Sky.
And - if Phoebe makes it out alive - to the chilling truth behind...