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One Coffee With

(1. Band Sigrid Harald)
englisches TB
Mysterious Press
ISBN 0-446-40415-2

There was more than cream in Professor Ripley Quinn's morning coffee. One of eight people present in the art department office had slipped in a spoonful of poison.
NYPD detective Sigrid Harald stepped back and viewed this puzzler carefully, thoughtfully, and with an eye to the subtle shadings.
Among her suspects were a wide-eyed young secretary, an enraged Hungarian maintenance man, and a colleague who shared Quinn's taste in women... by making love to his wife.
Sigrid didn't know much about art, but she was an expert on the full spectrum of the human passions and murderous urges. Complex in her own composition, likely to look at a case from a unique perspective, Sigrid soon had the right slant on this investigation - she just needed to spot the one clue that would give away a killer with an artistic temperament and an aptitude for death.