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The Horus Killings

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ISBN 0-7472-7528-9

At the main gates of the Divine Temple of Horus, a crowd gathers to celebrate the triumphant return of Hatusu, the widow of Pharaoh Tuthmosis II, after her successful battle against the Mitanni, Hatusu's achievements confound her critics and opponents who refuse to believe that a woman is capable of ruling Egypt, but she cannot silence the court gossips who whisper that Hatusu's step-son is the true heir to the throne.
Aided by her lover, Senenmur, Hatusu is determined that all Egypt will accept her as the first Pharaoh-Queen but it is an acceptance that lies in the laps of the gods whose wishes the priests must interpret. The initial portents are good but, when a spate of savage killings takes place in the Temple of Horus, the priests are quick to see this as a sigh of celestial disapproval of Hatusu.
The royal city becomes paralysed as confusion and rumour abound. Only one man Amerotke, a respected judge, can be trusted to find the truth among the intrigue surrounding the deaths.