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A Groom with a View

(11. Band)
Avon Mystery
ISBN 0-380-79450-0

Jane Jeffry thinks that a remote, rundown monastery-turned-hunt club is an odd place to hold a wedding.
But the doubting suburban single mom is being paid to plan the fabulous event, not to say "I do."
With overnight guests already arriving, Jane and best friend Shelley must rush to transform the musty, moosehead-lined halls into a matrimonial wonderland, under the scrutiny of the mousy bride-to-be's rich, most demanding daddy.
Then the lights go out, thanks to a violent, unexpected storm.
As guests and "help" alike huddle in their flower-bedecked monks' cells, one almost-participant takes a suspicious slippery tumble to a very sudden death.
But the marriage show must go on - despite Jane's nagging near certainty that the victim was unceremoniously "helped" down the stairs.
And Jane's going to have to come up with a murderer and a motive, even as the first strains of bridal march begin - or else this fantasy wedding could turn into a real killer of an occasion.