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Brilliance of the Moon - Tales of the Otori - Book 3

Tales of the Otori - Book 3
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ISBN 1-57322-270-4
(ab 14 Jahren)

Peace comes at the price of bloodshed - five battles will buy you peace, four to win and one to lose. At the temple of Terayma, the words of the blind sage's prophecy continue to haunt Takeo as he readies his armies for battle.
Determined to avenge Shigeru's death and claim his rightful inheritance, Takeo and Kaede, together with Takeo's forces, fight their way to the domain of Maruyama. Here they must separate.
Takeo begins to make plans for an attack by the sea and Kaede returns to her home in Shirakawa.
When Kaede arrives at Shirakawa, she learns her sisters have been taken forcefully to Lord Fujiwara's house. Kaede herself becomes a prisoner there. She can see no way to avoid the powerful and fearful Lord and she begins to believe that she and Takeo will be forever separated.
But neither Takeo nor Kaede know that Takeo's old teacher, Muto Kenji, has grievances and schemes of his own. As Takeo and Kaede face disaster at the hands of their enemies, the forces of nature are also conspiring.
Are Takeo's skills of magic and his desire for revenge enough to outwit two armies? And will he and Kaede ever find a peaceful way to live their lives together?