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The Golem's Eye

The Bartimaeus Trilogy: Vol. II
(Band 2)
Doubleday gebunden
ISBN: 0-385-60615-X
(Ab 10 Jahren)

Two years since the events of The Amulet of Samarkand and the young magician Nathanial is fast rising through the government ranks. It is up to him to put an end to the thefts and raids inflicted on London by the mysterious Resistance.
But it is not an easy task: the ringleader Kitty and her friends remain elusive, and Nathaniel’s job – and perhaps his life – are soon at risk.
As the pressure mounts, he is distracted by a new series of terrifying attacks on the capital.
Is it the Resistance again, or something more dangerous still? Nathaniel mus uncover the perpetrators fast, and this means desperate measures: a journey to the enemy city of Prague and – worse – summoning once again the troublesome, enigmatic and quick-witted djinni, Bartimaeus.
Meanwhile Kiyy and her fellow rebels are planning their most daring exploit of all – one that will make their fortune and change the history of London for ever …